Feedback from Cat People!!

Add your comments via Email! writes: (Paris page)
Real cute concept! As a cat in a previous life myself, I always liked to travel. But if Dali & Sammy were not just "dropped in" the photos by computer, how come all the poses are identical? Huh?

robert a. moeser writes: (D&S home page)
great cat pix! sammy is very pretty. the best picture was Smudge in the ray of sun, i was praying as it come over that it would be long enough to get the whole shadow! don't move it! i may add a link to it!

Jade writes: (D&S home page)
My name is Jade. My brudders and I wanted to pass on our greetings to you. We saw your page on the innernet that Mommy showed us. I like the picshur of Sammy napping by the cameras, my brudder Otis looks like that. Except Mommy had his claws taken off cuz he shredded the new couch.
Wishing you a belated meowy kissmouse and a happy mew ear!
Jade (Queen of the Household)

K.J. Haught writes: (D&S home page)
Very nice! And Dalli seems very much the ham in front of the camera! They're both very photogenic.I like the picture of Smudge enjoying the sunray - good effect.

Antti Matikka writes (D&S home page)
You probably won't mind if I add your page to my link page? I think they are well worth it :-)

Sangeeta Muhkerjee writes: (D&S home page)
Great pics! I just love the one of Dalli enhoying a little snack?

Morris G. Shaw writes: (D&S home page)
Nice page. My wife and I not only are interested in pets, but she is a vet tech, and does petsitting in Omaha. We have three cats, two dogs, and two doves.

Tamara Hedstrom writes: (Paris page)
Your "kids" are adorable! The pics are hysterical! Wonderful fun--was this done with Adobe Photoshop? One or two of the pics look airbrushed--my bad eyes or your good work?

maribeth weirich writes: (Paris page)
Carol and I really enjoyed your web page. We're glad you two had such a fine time in Paris. We especially liked the one about Rodin. Good concept!!!


Magic and Micio write (Paris page)
Dear Dalli and Sammy,
We think you are pretty lucky to get to go to Paris. Looks like you two cats had a wonderful time. We are indoor cats living in San Francisco. We only get to go out to go to the vet. Ouch! :( :( Love,
Magic -- I am a 6 year old black and white female "tuxedo" cat named after Magic Johnson
Micio -- I am a 5 month old male Ragdoll kitten. My name, pronounced mee'-chee-o, means kitty in Italian.

Mary, Kimi, and Basia Laude write: (Paris page)
We just wanted to send you email to tell you how much we enjoyed looking through the photos and reading the corresponding text in Cats in Paris! Dalli and Sammy are certainly very clever as well as eloquent, as are we.
We can't wait until our human takes us to Paris this May. We've showed her the photos too and she wants to know the name of the cafe where you took that photo. We all like hot chocolate too. Our human likes anything chocolate, actually. Except white chocolate, which is icky.
Please respond to this account, it's our human's. They won't let us have one of our own. It's really dumb that cats can't get their own internet connections. It's a stupid rule.
We're tired now and are ready for a nap. Bye. Kimi and Basia Laude

whiskers writes: (Paris page)
Hi am Whiskers. I am a black cat. You can see me at Your page is good I am going to include a link for you when I update my page.
Bye for now,

Catharine Williams writes: (Paris page)
Dear: Sammy and Dalli,David
We really enjoyed your trip to Paris. The photos were the cats meow. We hope you take another vacation soon and send us all pictures. Hi, this is Kim, known at Doug's chat as Fingernail. :) I loved your cats in paris link on the net! It was just so cute! I wish I could have done the same with my two cats :) But I think I'd put them in a gondola in Venice.. or maybe in front of Buckingham Palace with those funny hats. Very original! !

Tom Cat writes: (Paris page)
Dear Dalli and Sammy
glad you had so much fun on your trip to Paris. It does appear however that your rommate "David" has WAY too much free time on is hands.
"Tom" cat

Olive writes: (Paris page)
Hope your holidays in France were very nice, but how did you get in Eurodysney, animals are not allowed according to Dysney rules. Well congratulations for your pictures, and how can we have these ones ? Where elsehave you been ? let me know . Bye and seen you somewhere in the world. Olive

-Jamie-Lynn writes: (Paris page)
I love the photo's. They are so cute!!! I love Paris I want to go there someday. Well thanks for the web site.

Thorvaldur Ottar Gudlaugsson writes: (Paris page)
Hi Dalli!
As I was finising ooking up different keywords for a client of mine I tried my nickname just for fun and there you were...
I had to send you mail to let you know of another Dalli. A human being not a cat. Dalli is my nickname. And a funny thing to; I'm a graphic designer just as your feeder and even more funnier; sometimes my colleges call me Dallas Texas!!!
Just had to say hello!
Thorvaldur Ottar Gudlaugsson
Graphic designer
Reykjavik, Iceland