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Cats in Houston

We're Dalli and Sammy. This is our hometown, Houston, Texas. I'm Dalli, the one with the dots, the Siamese is my kid sister Sammy. The photos were taken by David Scarbrough. (he lives with us in Houston.) Check out his portfolio Web Site. Click on the small pictures to see a bigger image and a full caption. We hope you enjoy the photos! Read our feedback page and lets us know what you think! At the bottom of this page are links to our favorite Houston Web Sites.

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Click on the small preview to view a bigger image and a full caption.

The Houston Skyline


The Transco Tower


Houston Intercontinential Airport


The University of Houston


Rice University


The Astrodome


The Wortham Center


The Wall of Water


Johnson Space Center


The Lyric Center

Here are a few of our favorite Houston Web sites:

That's it! We're glad you took the time to look at our home town. Just for the record, we were not "dropped" into the photos by computer. The photos were scanned and David cropped and color balanced them so that they would look good on the net. Email us if you really want to know how this was done.

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